40 Pokéjokes

1. What is the only fat-free pokemon?

2. Why did the owl-type pokemon buy the comic book?
He thought it'd be a hoot-hoot!

3. Why didn't the Persion speak?
It couldn't mew!

4. Why did the electric sheep pokemon keep combing itself?
So that it could stay flaffy!

Oh, God, shoot me now!

5. What is the only prostitute pokemon? Move the children away from the screen

6. Why doesn't the toxic pokemon exercise?
Because it would end up coughing and wheezing!

7. What is the shortest distance in the pokemon world?
A Hoppip, Skiploom, and Jumpluff away!

8. What tool do burglur's use?

Could these get any worse? Don't answer that...

9. What is the worlds strongest pokemon?

10. Which pokemon runs a company?

11. What pokemon is the pimp of the sea?

12. Who is the sportscaster of the pokemon world?

I can't believe that you're still reading this.

13. Which pokemon is the most heavily guarded?

14. Which plant-type pokemon is in the most pain?

15. Which pokemon do you hauk up and spit out?

16. Which is the most well-armed pokemon in the pokemon army?

We're doing this at 2 A.M. Can't you tell? ^_^

17. What is the strangest meal in the pokemon world?
An oddish! (Get it? Oddish,Odd dish, oddish...never mind.)

18. What pokemon is very comfy and squeaks when you fluff it?
A Piloswine!

19. Which pokemon stops things from leaking?
A seal!

20. What makes a loud noise, and collects water in the morning?
A Dewgong!

Twenty of these. What's wrong with us?

21. Other than Snorlax, which is the sleepiest pokemon?
A Yanma!

22. Which pokemon disappears on hot days?

23. Which pokemon is the most depressed?
A Weepinbell!

24. What is the most electrifying computer program?
A Zap-dos!

You're still reading this! What's wrong with you!

25. How do you get rid of vermin?
I-Raticate them!

26. Which pokemon owns a tree-growing business?
A Pine-co!

27. What do you call a perverted pokemon?
A Peek-achu!

28. Which bird-pokemon sells sandwhiches?
A Delibird!

If you think this is bad, you should hear the ones we DIDN'T put up!

29. What pokemon eats alligators?
A Croconaw!

30. What Electric pokemon is high?
An Electabuzz!

31. What pokemon spends the most time in that bathroom?
A Caterpie!

32. Which pokemon likes to visit animals?
A Zubat!

These are original, too.

33. Did you hear about the party at Ash's house?
It was a Fire Blast!

34. What about the party at Brock's house?
It was Rockin'!

35. What did Misty do when she went to the Baseball game?
The Wave!

36. What attack does Snorlax hate the most?
Morning Sun!

I have no idea what to put here.

37. Which pokemon would you hate to see in your garden?
A Weedle!

38. What kind of pens do volcanoes use?

39. Which pokemon works in a courtroom?
A Bayleef!

40. Which is the smartest tree in the pokemon world?
Professor Oak!

There. All 40. Give us money, and we won't add more. Lots'n'lots of money!