News 04/14/11
Well with C.N.A. Classes starting soon, and work planning to take all hours not allotted to class it's going to be a little difficult to update for the next three weeks. But I saw this coming so it's just a short unavoidable hiatus. Be back soon.

Though I have not been able yo make a pseudo update everyday, the mentality of doing so had payed off. I've had this update ready for half a week now. But I think I'm cursed. Because before I started this, My job was giving me two hours a week. But after I started working to update the site again, my job started giving me more hours. Like A LOT more hours! I'm working 13 hours a day now.
...I'm speechless...

Things are going as planed for site management. But then again it's only day four, and it doesnít take much research to see how poorly we do at keeping our own schedules. But if we let past failures stop us from trying we'd never accomplish anything. But I'd be lying if said failures did not make me a bit of a pessimist on what I can accomplish. So my next broken promise is as follows: I will work like I'm updating every day, but I'll only update Tuesday and Thursday. This will allow me to make a buffer zone that I can use to work on bigger projects such as animations and video games. We'll see how long this plan lasts. Well wish me luck.

Well though the site hasn't done much OAS is coming along a lot better than expected. If this keeps up we'll be doing great things in the next few years.

I'm so ashamed of our progress over the years that I feel like deleting everything so there will be no record of our failures. But if we ever improve, then we should have a record that we used to suck.

Well we're back in Colorado and starting Operation accomplish something or O.A.S. The gist of it like a new years resolution. Say you resolve to eat no more cookies. A week goes buy and you eat a cookie. Well you failed, but now is not the time to give up! Now is the time to see if you can go two weeks with out a cookie. You failed because you are trying to break a habit, and that is not going to happen over night. You need to keep trying till you succeed. And that's what O.A.S. is It takes in to account that we will fail, but to not get discouraged by this.

Why is it that whenever we set out a schedule for ourselves it always completely falls apart? So weíre going back to casual updates, they come slow but they do come.

Well weíre not going to go daily. We can but then weíd get nothing else done, so weíre doing a Joey does Mon, Wed, Fri. and Devin does Tues, Thurs, Sat. and we take Sunday off. Weíll have stuff by others in the Tayloren Crew randomly sprinkled within the Mon-Sat schedule.

Busy, busy, busy. Sleep now

Today a Green bitesize hit the window. (Well We donít know what the real name for the bird is, but it was green and bite-sized) it hit the same window that killed the quail and the yellow bird. But the green bitesize didnít die, it just got dazed out of itís mind. It was quite conscious, but only vaguely aware of its surroundings, so I picked it up and we put it in an old decorative bird cage till it came to itís senses and started panicking. Then we let it go.

I got into my first real conversation with Grandpa today! This is good because it means heís getting used to me being there and when heís laughing and talking, he doesnít forget stuff as much, and when he canít remember something he laughs it off instead of getting frustrated with himself.

We talked about fire, housework, politics, and his visit to England when I was very small. I told him that Dave is coming over tomorrow and that weíre going to Rosieís the day after and He kept preparing for both events! I had to tell him like every half hour or so that they were not happening tonight. And heíd say ďOh yeahĒ and then laugh.

Oh My Phrank!! Today was like Y2K All over again!! Nothing happened!

Devin says Iím going to drive myself nuts figuring out what to put up on the news everyday, and you know, he might be right.

Well with it snowing so well and productivity up, I think Weíre going to try for a daily update. No promises though. Wish us luck!

Yay! Well Devin and I (Joey) are now in Washington! Weíve been without Internet for a few weeks but now weíre back and able to update again! But in this time with out Internet weíve gotten a crapload done! I mean Iíve been righting HTML all day and I still donít have everything!

It is now obvious what has been hampering our productivity! It has to be the whether! Itís snowing here like it never snowed in Colorado! Let it snow, let it snow and we will update, update, update!

Dang preparing for the move has been BUSY!! Well itíd be a simple mater if I didnít have to get out of the lease! The only way out of the lease is to get someone to replace me. So I put and add up on craigslist and got six responses, all of them female, and four of them are European super models! Heh, I think thatís funny. Well tomorrowís my last day of work. Yay! I will not miss work, but Iím still very thankful for that job.

Well I may be moving sooner or laterÖto another stateÖaway from most of my friends. =(
But on the plus side Iíll get to take care of Grandpa and his house! I miss Grandpa and Iím looking forward to working with him everyday. But It may not happen, I need to deal with the lease on the house with out screwing anyone, and someone else may volunteer to do the humble task.
No matter what happens I keep up on the site, but a move to another state will put a delay on the updates.

Well turns out that inventing a device that kills me if I donít update is kind of pointless seeing as I can disable it at any timeÖoh well.

Well Iím almost out of gas and need to be house sitting for my folks so I cannot afford to be going back and fourth till pay day. Iíll up date when I get back.

Wow! A two month un announced Hiatus! We Rock!Öok, not so much. But we is back now and we are going to be updating stuffis on Monday, Every Monday! You see after we moved in to the new Tayloren HQ I spent two months making a device that would kill me if I donít update on Monday! Itís pretty cool looking and I canít wait to test it!

Any way we have lots of stuff planed so stay tooned

Sorry for the slow updates, been playing WoW, and every time I pulled myself away from it long enough to look at the site Comic-genesis was down because of new servers. Oh well Iím updating now at least. And the Tayloren crew might be moving soon, we just turned in our applications so itís no grantee but just a heads up.

You humans are so weirdÖ

Sorry for the lack of update. But I reactivated my World of Warcraft account and I havenít been able to pull my self away long enough to update. Iím not asking forgiveness, or making excuses. Iím just telling you of the facts so that youíll be informed.

Been busy last few days, but Iím updating now.

Devin has planed out a busy drawing schedule for himself. Hopefully he can keep it up! Wish him luck!

Getting a rental car today so I can get back to work! Yay!

Joey got rear endedÖdonít really know what to make of itÖIf it causes delays in the site Iíll go more in to it, but for now Iím hoping I can get me car fixed or replaced soon, and hoping that this stiffness in the neck isnít whiplash.

Ooh boy, Iím felling a little worn out today. But I got a rating system up and running! It isnít implemented everywhere on the site though. But I did add more links and put more stuff up on Devinís suicide furs

Oh my, itís Tuesday! Oh well finally put an animation up, and completely redid the art section. I wanted to get this up earlier but I discovered NBCís Heroes. And lost three days. Oh well at least I got some sward fighting in with my brother.

Busy day, very busy day

Put up a new comic todayÖbeen updating every day of late! Wow hopefully we can keep it upÖbut I doubt itÖ

Well I went back and fixed a few things in Himeís world and Tayloren LTD/CS. So hopefully thatíll reduce the crappyness

Well Seanís PC broke thatís why we havenít updated in the last few weeks, So Joeyís doing it till he gets things all fixed up.

Sorry for missing last week. After the holidays, jobs got swamped, poeple came over, and we were tired. BUT! We are back, with a whole new slew of Resolutions! No, we won't tell you what
they are; that would mean we have to keep them.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I would like to take this time to repeat my message from last week, only minus the Christmas portion, because it's over with.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I would like to take this time to, on behalf of the entire Tayloren crew, wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and an Extremely Happy New Year. If you are into such
things, anyway. The reason that I am wishing this, alone, but behalfing, is because Joey was too busy, Devin didn't care, Jeremy was unavailable for comment, and everyone else skipped town.
But I'm sure they mean it.

We have a dead moniter. This will impact some of the stuff being put up, and, unfortunately, cannot be replaced in the near future. Money must be spent elsewhere to keep us alive fo the time being.

We apologize for the late update, but I do have an explanation. Many computers were uprooted from their natural habitat to dwell at the house that is of the Parents, for they had left for
the Thanksgiving holiday. These computers were used in many an unrelenting LAN game of "Warhammer," and thus were many distractions formed. It was on the Sunday that we packed
the computers for return to their homelands, when friends called, inviting a hanging-of-out, and thus the computers were left in the trunk of the transport, 'til the evening of the yesterday, when all
work stopped, giving the tired time to unpack the computers. Lo, it so happened that the networking to the Net of Inter refused to work 'til the following day.
SO, that story is true. You can ask any one of us, and we will each, in our own way, tell you differently.

Added new art, and, due to a previously made agreement, some bad art was replaced to be burned.

Ha HAH!! See? It's working!
Well, the past few days, several things have gotten done on several things that haven't been seen to for a while, and so I had to opportunity to get them up and into position. Namely, Tayloren LTD
...and Elijah.
Other than that, we've been killing things on 'Warhammer: 40K Dark Crusade' for a while now. It is very distracting...

So, in an effort to further increase the ease of this site, I have added the News section. This should, I hope, help document the site better, and keep you posted on the recent happenings of Tayloren, it's cast, and the world we live in, if I feel like ranting. This is not to say that I am good at ranting.
As of late, though this site has been (primarily) foremost in our thoughts, our bodies have been failing to comply, citing the old adage, "I'm lazy." This will change. Our short-term goal is to get three updates per month; please bear with us during this transitional period. I understand that you are used to us not updating for weeks on end; please be patient as we start updating more often.
Thank you.